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I hope kids will enjoy visiting my website -- and that teachers, parents, and librarians will too!  As you explore the pages, you’ll learn a lot about my family, my books, my life, and how much I enjoy being a writer.  Just click on any link above, and keep going! 

“My world” includes a lot of the globe, so in the fall of 2011 I changed an earlier “hidden page” to become a pared-down version of itself--  the first item on the menu offered by a new major section you’ll see above: Travels with Larry.  (I’m doing more of that right now; the new shot of me was taken minutes ago by my computer, and shows me in our hotel room in Amsterdam, while Larry is attending a meeting. Check that “Travels with Larry” page when you visit the website; for the menu of trip reports there will continue to grow.   My books travel too -- Just try clicking on Mountain/Bird, the page for the most frequent traveler!

If you’d like to ask or tell me something, you can do it by  e-mail -- just  click here.  Meanwhile, check the news just posted on “Family!”

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