PlayStation Move – Nintendo Wii and Then Some?

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PlayStation Move is the direct competitor to the Nintendo Wii. When the Wii was first announced трансфер в Стамбуле, close to the time of the PS3, Sony quickly introduced a six-axis motion control on their regular controllers. Then, they upped their game with the PlayStation Move.

The Move system is a slick and more precise form of motion control, which adds much more to gaming than the Wii Remote. This controller offers much more in precision, and is often seen as even better than the Wii Remote with Motion Plus installed.

As well as this, Move comes with the ‘navigation controller’, which is comparable to the Nunchuk. The controllers are picked up using an Eye-Toy like camera, which latches onto the location of a large coloured ball at the end of the remote. It’s a great new way to game, but with Kinect offering more in virtual gaming and the next round of consoles coming very soon, Move might not be a great purchase right now.


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