Retro MP3 Alarm Clock Plays the Record of Your Choice

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This portable alarm clock MP3 player looks just like the old traditional alarm clocks that have existed for decades, even with the bells on top. But it’s a little different! This alarm clock allows you to record up to 12 minutes of any MP3 that you like, and then you can choose what sounds you are woken to in the morning instead of the annoying old-fashioned bell sound.

Repetitive alarms often lose effectiveness, and this alarm allows you to change what you hear every morning so that you wake up to different sounds every morning.

All you need to do is connect the old fashioned alarm clock to your PC via the USB cable that comes with the device. The software will automatically install itself so that you can choose your MP3 to wake you up in the morning. Then, all you need to do is set the time that you want the alarm to go off, and when it’s time, you’ll be woken up to your music!

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