Coleman Road Trip Pro Gives You a Portable BBQ Solution!

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If you’re on the road a lot, then it’s time to sack off the disposable and ineffective BBQ trays. The Coleman Road Trip Pro is a portable propane grill, that can even be used indoors. The device is pretty compact and easy to travel with, and gives you perfectly cooked food every time.

The Road Trip Pro has two adjustable burners built in, as well as InstaStart matchless lighting, so you don’t have to mess around trying to get Тбилиси достопримечательности the BBQ to light. The device uses a 464.93 gram propane cylinder to power the grill.

You can also purchase the hose separately. You can move the heat tents with stainless steel burners really easy as well, so it’s simply to clean for when it’s next used. You’ll also find stainless steel hoods with die-cast aluminium end caps. It’s the perfect solution to cooking on the go, or just having a barbeque with friends!


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