Stay on Track with the Universal GPS Nav-Pack

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For just £24.99, the universal Nav-Pack will give you total security and ease of use when you are using a sat nav in your car. The product is simply a case for your GPS sat nav device, except it’s weighted and props up your sat nav so that you can see экскурсия в Кресты it when you’re driving. The base is weighted, which stops your GPS from sliding around. The softly padded protective case also means that your GPS is protected if you drop it or it falls.

With the case you can angle the screen in three different positions, and the device is compatible with nearly all sat navs out there, as long as they’re between 3.5 inches and 5 inches in size. The case is really simple, and it allows you to simply open it up and switch it on, as opposed to messing around trying to attach your sat nav to your windscreen or elsewhere.

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