BB10 Smartphones – BlackBerry’s Comeback?

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Research In Motion hasn’t been doing as well these days, due to the popularity of iOs, Android and Windows Phone – but could BB10 and the rumoured new BB10 handset be a big comeback for the firm?

The struggling smartphone manufacturer is two months away from releasing the new BB10 operating system and handsets, but RIM is still set for a loss for the third quarter of 2013. All are eyes are now set on the upcoming releases, and a video has recently been released of the first two BlackBerry 10 smartphones has been leaked. For the first time, we see a new BlackBerry device with a physical keyboard, after rumours of a touch-only device have been spread.

The video showcases the L Series smart phone, along with the N Series phone which is pictured for the first time. The QWERTY phone is taller than previous models.

RIM recently confirmed they intend to launch both phones, but the success of RIM is still questionable.

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