Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – Even Bigger, Even Better

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The Samsung Galaxy Note shocked with its huge 5.3 inch screen, and with its stylus-based operating system, it certainly hit a niche. Now though, you can place a pre order to get your hands on the even bigger Note 2, which has a taller 5.5 inch screen. The stylus has even been improve, with less slip and a more comfortable grip.

The phone also has twice the power of the earlier model with a quad core processor that clocks up to 1.6 GHz. The phone also has 2GB RAM and a Mali-400MP graphics chip that provides incredible performance. The phone is still aimed at the wider market and offers much more than other phones on the market, but with an even bigger screen, and an even less pocketable design, is this mini computer really the way forward for mobile computing? We’ll have to wait and see, with its release coming in the next few months.

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