LG Revisits Prada-Style Design

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The new LG Optimus G is perhaps the most powerful smartphone that LG has ever made, and boy does it look good too. The phone is very similar to the old classic LG Prada phone, but without the Prada branding. This Android 4.0 based smartphone offers a 1.5 quad core Snapgradon mobile processor, and the camera on the back is a massive 13 megapixel.

The screen is 4.7 inches in size, and offers True HD IPS PLUS display on top of Zerogap Touch technology. The pixel density is very close to the new iPhone 5 Retina display, too.

With the new LG Optimus G, users will be able to use split-screen features, allowing them to engage in two tasks at the same time. The large screen makes this really easy, too. Say you’re watching a video, you’ll also be able to perform other tasks without pausing the video. You can even watch TV on the phone. It’s a cracking piece of kit.

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