Flatshare Fridge Protects your Milk and Eggs!

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It’s an age old problem – you’re sharing a house or a flat with someone and the fridge becomes packed and confusing. ‘Is this my cheese or yours?’ ‘What happened to my yoghurts’ – they sound common, and it might sound silly to even talk about – but the Flatshare Fridge is a great solution.

From Electrolux, this full-sized fridge offers a number of totally separate compartments. The fridge is separated into perfectly equal sections that give everybody enough space to store their basic foodstuffs, as well as bottles and taller obects in the fridge.

This is ideal for those who have just left uni, or indeed anyone who shares a flat with a friend. It’s a great solution to a common problem, and it’s only the size of a regular fridge that you’d find on the market! What more could you possibly want from a fridge than equal and colour-coded compartments for different roomies?


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