An iMac Refresh on the Horizon?

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We’ve seen the rumours recently that экскурсии по ночной неве в Санкт-Петербурге there is an iMac refresh on the way. It’s been a while since Apple focused on its desktop PCs and not on laptops and tablets, and new evidence has appeared that shows a new iMac internal shot.

The photograph that’s been released is of modified internals in an iMac, which has come from a Chinese forum. According to Kyle Wiens from iFixit, it looks plausible.

There’s no way of telling whether this is true, due to Apple’s secrecy – however, these rumours are backed up by short supply of iMacs in the United Kingdom. When Apple is preparing a new model, you find that the amont of stock of current generation computers declines. All the information available points to a refresh as early as this month – and due to the significantly fewer Apple events held these days, we could see a rather discrete refresh on the Apple homepage over the coming weeks.


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