The Shape Up Dumbbell Alarm Clock Wakes You Up to Fitness Training

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The Shape Up Dumbbell alarm clock is a unique alarm clock that wakes you up to productivity! Instead of just waking you up to an annoying sound, this alarm clock gives you no excuse to not do your exercises. The alarm clock goes off with a noise, and then you can only turn off the alarm sound by lifting the dumbbell 30 times. This is a really effective way of letting you get your exercise in every day, and to wake you up in a healthy way.

You can watch the count down of the dumbbell lifts as you go on the LCD display on the end of the dumbbell. Furthermore, if you feel like you need a break, you can just switch the Dumbbell alarm clock exercise to что посмотреть в Минске and normal mode, and then give your muscles a rest. The alarm has AM and PM functions, and it weighs 660g in total.

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