Wildcat JX200 Packs Six Devices in One

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The Wildcat JX200 shows how the market for kitchen gadgets is increasing, alongside the need for devices that offer a range of functions. The Wildcat JX200 is the perfect device either for small kitchens, or for avid cookers who are looking for convenience.

This device has six primary functions built into it, allowing you to save space and time with washing. The device is a vegetable juice extractor, a fruit juicer, seasoning mincer and chopper, a meat and fish mincer, a food mill and you can choose to have a sesame oil extractor, too. Naturally, the sesame oil extractor is probably one of the less-used features!

The device is really easy to disassemble, clean and then reassemble, too, which is important with a device like this. You can also use it as a twin gear juicer, thanks to its medical-grade stainless steel gears. There is also a 200W motor, so you can be sure that it’s an effective and easy to use device for the kitchen.


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