Fly a Fish with Air Swimmers!

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Yes, you can go out and buy remote control helicopters which are easy to crash – but you could instead go and purchase an Air Swimmer and let your kids have endless fun with these safe remote control flying fishes! You have the choice between a fish and a shark – both of which are filled with helium and are manoeuvrable with their controllable fins.

The remote control handset that comes with the fish controls the forward motion of the fish, and it also controls the fish’s ability to move up and down in the air. They’re really easy to use and they’re not as prone to crashing and breaking as other devices. You’ll have to get some helium to fill them up before you use them, but helium is easy to obtain from party and flower shops.

These fish can stay inflated for weeks, too, so you won’t be spending much money on helium. Your kids will have endless fun flying fish around the house, and they even have a range of 50 feet!

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