Tefal Quick Cup is Quick and Economical

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Boiling a kettle often wastes water, and costs a fair amount of energy each time you do it! Tefal came up with a solution in the form of Quick Cup, a device that saves you time and money, and is also better for the environment. Instead of boiling a large amount of water, Quick Cup simply heats up the amount of water that you need for a cup of tea. In just three seconds, you can achieve piping hot filtered water without wasting energy and water.

Tefal claims that the new Quick Cup saves up to 65% of energy with every cup. The device also offers an adjustable tap, an anti-splash spout and options to choose between hot filtered water and room temperature filtered water. It’s great for the impatient, and it’s great for students and those looking to save money. This is certainly the future for kettles and making hot drinks.



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