Salt Water Spider is Great for Kids who Love Practical Jokes!

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The saltwater spider is a great kit that will keep the kids occupied for hours. This kit is a gadget in one sense, and a science project in another. This kit allows kids to build their own creepy crawly, which doesn’t need batteries and doesn’t need recharging! Amazingly, this spider kit creates a spider that is fuelled only by salt water.

When you’ve built the spider using the components provided in the kit, all you need to put some salt water into the fuel cell that you’ve built into the spider and off it will go! The spider will scuttle across the floor by its own accord, which gives you good clean fun and plain old mischief – something which is timeless amongst kids.

All the components in the kid are environmentally safe and don’t contain any toxic substances, meaning that it’s perfectly safe for kids and is a great way of introducing them to science!

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