Bosch TAT6103 is a Toaster Like No Other

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Okay, it’s just a toaster! But this toaster is different. The Bosch TAT6103 is a two-slice toaster that isn’t as simple as throwing in some bread and getting some toast. The device also have a removable steel warming rack, which lets you warm bread over the top without actually toasting it – making it deal for re-heating bread-based foods and other substances.

Furthermore, there is a browning control button that lets you customise your toast like never before. You won’t have the problem of cremate toast with the Bosch TAT 6103.

These features are all built into a great looking piece of kit, which would not look out of place in any modern kitchen. It has a sleek black finish, allowing it to fit a wide range of colour themes. The exterior is also unusually curvy, which you don’t see much – and it only weights 2.7 KG, so it’s not exactly huge!


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