Stay Alert with iSafe Anti Doze Detector

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The iSafe anti doze detector is a fantastic and discrete device which stops you from falling asleep at the wheel. Every year, thousands of accidents happen on the road due to drivers falling asleep whilst driving.

This anti doze detecting device is a simple and effective way to alert you if it believes that you are beginning to fall asleep whilst driving. The device fits discreetly around your right eat, and the device will sound an alarm if it detects your head nodding forwards more than 15 degrees. The alarm tells you it’s time to take a break, giving you a chance to pull into a service station and get some rest before you pick up your journey again.

The device is 7.5cm long, and it comes with 2 cell batteries in the box, which is more than enough for prolonged use at the wheel. It’s great for people who drive a lot!

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