Air Hogs Battle Tracker for Kids

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Gadgets aren’t just for us adults, you know! Kids love gadgets too, and in today’s modern age, most toys are as complicated as our adult gizmos and gadgets. Air Hogs Battle Tracker is a great toy that your kids will love. When you first see it, it looks like two separate toys.

The set comes with a remote controller helicopter. You can fly the helicopter accurately within around 10 feet of distance. As well, the set comes with an automated robot turret. This has a twin missile firing arms system, as well as a radar tracking dish. The turret rotates and the missiles can be fired at the helicopter when it comes close enough. So really, this is a game meant for two people. You can fly the helicopter and your kids can use the missile shooter to try and catch you out and bring the helicopter down!

This is a great gizmo that kids will love this Christmas.

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